Dedicated Servers

Dell ServerA dedicated server is a service whereby you lease an entire server from us, not shared with anyone else. Netservers offer both Linux and Windows servers running on a wide range of hardware.

Freedom and Control

Unlike shared server hosting, Dedicated Servers give you complete control of the operating system and hosting environment. There's never any need to consult with the hosting company when you want to install new software. You are in control and free to install whatever software you like.

Remote Access

You will be able to control every aspect of your dedicated server over the Internet. Each operating system available allows you to do this in a secure and easy to use way.

For Windows servers, Terminal Services gives you full interactive control of the server, as if you're really there. You get to see and control the full desktop, start menu and control panel.

Linux users have even more options for controlling their server. You can login into the shell of your choice (e.g. bash) using SSH. You can use VNC to open up a full graphical X desktop on the server. There are also a wide variety of web-based control panels available, such as Webmin, which allow you to reconfigure the server through your web browser.

Why choose Netservers?

At Netservers we pride ourselves on the skill of our staff, our friendly and flexible approach to business and the security and stability of our network.

Unlike the vast majority of hosting providers, we provide firewall protection for every server we host. This benefits both us and our customers. Because the majority of Internet worms are blocked before they get to our customer's servers, infection rates on our network are very low. That means less downtime for our customers and greater network stability for us.